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Brass 7 Candle Adjustable.jpg

Brass 7 Candle Adjustable
$15.00/ Day

Brass 9 Candle Cluster.jpg

Brass 9 Candle Cluster
$15.00/ Day

Brass 15 Candle Arch.jpg

Brass 15 Candle Arch
$17.00/ Day

Brass Heart Candelabra.jpg

Brass Single Heart
$15.00/ Day

Double Heart Brass.jpg

Brass Double Heart
$18.00/ Day

Brass Spiral Candelabra.jpg

Brass 15 Candle Spiral
$13.00/ Day

Lantern Candelabra.PNG

Lantern Candelabra
$13.00/ Day

Brass Single Pew Candelabra.jpg

Brass Single Pew Candelabra
$5.00/ Day

Silver 9 Candelabra Black.PNG

Silver 9 Cluster Candelabra
$15.00/ Day

Silver Heart Candelabra.jpg

Silver Heart Candelabra
$15.00/ Day

Triple Silver Pew Candelabra.jpg

Silver Triple Pew Candelabra
$7.00/ Day

Silver Vein Plant Stand Candelabra.PNG

Silver Veint Plant Stand Candelabra
$13.00/ Day

Silver Vein Spiral Candelabra.PNG

Silver Vein Spiral Candelabra
$15.00/ Day

White Candelabra With Finials.PNG

White Candelabra w/ Finials
$15.00/ Day

*10% Damage Waiver NOT Included in Price
*Items May Not Appear Exactly As Shown
*Prices Subject To Change

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