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4' Column.jpg

4' Molded Column
$15.00/ Day

Black Lamp Posts.jpg

Black Lamp Posts
$25.00/ Each Day

Brass Kneeling Benches.jpg

Brass Kneeling Bench
$10.00/ Each Day

Chrome Stanchions.jpg

Chrome Stanchion (Set)
$25.00/ Day

Brass Easel.jpg

Easels - Black or Brass
$15.00/ Day

Folding Clothes Rack.jpg

Folding Clothes Rack
$12.00/ Day

Keg Cooler.jpg

Keg Cooler (Brown)
$25.00/ Day

Mirror Ball.jpg

Mirror Ball
$35.00/ Day

Red Carpet.jpg

Red Carpet
$15.00/ Day

White Picket Fence.jpg

White Picket Fence
$10.00/ Day

White Wicker Chair.jpg

White Wicker Chair
$25.00/ Day

*10% Damage Waiver NOT Included in Price
*Items May Not Appear Exactly As Shown
*Prices Subject To Change

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